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Sprawdzanie dostępności aktualizacji

By InżynierFebruary 16, 2019zapiski inżyniera

The Zeroth Law of Design: Everything is Contextual

A look into a rule that people often forget when talking about UX Design

By CM30February 16, 2019CM30's Tech Ramblings

Analise de Descobertas: Uma introdução

Só uma introdução mesmo

By ardydoFebruary 16, 2019Ardydo Musical

Framasoft in italiano: facciamo il punto della situazione

I servizi liberi di Framasoft che parlano italiano

By nilocramFebruary 16, 2019Strafanici

Hymn to Seth of Avaris

Hymn Challenge #5

By SecondgenerationimmigrantFebruary 16, 2019Even More Journeys

A Narrative Essay On The Near Past

By LWFlouisaFebruary 16, 201921st Century Charlotte

Starting fast, progressing slowly

By ezdketsubanFebruary 15, 2019EstebanZD LinuX jorney

The beggining

By ezdketsubanFebruary 15, 2019EstebanZD LinuX jorney

Logbook, week 10 (2019-07)

By funkwhale / blogFebruary 15, 2019Announcements

Riot 1.0

ao fin Riot alcanza a versión 1.0 cunha renovación completa

By XoseMFebruary 15, 2019Contribuíndo ao fediverso

Making the Chrysalis

A solitary infancy

By piponsleighFebruary 15, 2019Platonic Nesting Polycule

Static ActivityPub. Damned WebFinger

By natarajFebruary 14, 2019Exploring ActivityPub